Trade credit management


Trade Credit Management – product created for management of customer trade credit limits and manage customer payments risks.

Our award-winning CRM solution will provide you with tools for systematic and professional management of customer insolvency risks, as well for trade credit limit management processes.

Key Features

Customer Data

Customer CRM with stored data: customer details, contacts, financial reports, documents.

Customer Requests

Implemented full process of request management: enter of request, set of recommendation for limit, create of limit, message to customer.

Customer Evaluation

Customer evaluation is performed using financial reports, setting and managing credit ratings. Financial reports are downloaded directly from information suppliers: Creditinfo, CreditReform and others.

Limit Management

Limit information contains all importat details, required customer warranty details, limit versioning.

Customer Monitoring

This is important feature in trade credit limit management which includes periodic (monthly, quarterly, yearly, ..) reassessment of customer ccreditworthiness.

Multilanguage Solution

Solution has already implemented but not limited to these interface languages: english, lithuanian, polish.